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6 Off-Page SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic


Many people believe that a website should be at the top of search results. But what if they could write their own content to rival that of websites like Bing, Google, and Yahoo? What would happen then?

There are two ways you can increase website traffic; on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Usually, on-page optimization happens inside your website – whereas off-page optimization takes place outside of your site.

You may think that only on-page optimization can help you in improving the visibility and trustworthiness of your website, but this is not true.

To increase your organic traffic, ensure that all of the pages on your website are SEO-friendly and error-free. If you work with intelligent off-page SEO tactics, you can easily improve your brand’s quality, as well as strengthen your domain authority.

A blog post about SEO. What’s SEO? Let’s talk about it. Or maybe you might already know and are here to learn from the masters of SEO.

What is off-page SEO and why is it important?

Off-page SEO is a method by which SEO activities take place away from the website without making changes to the site itself. It includes link-building, forums, business listings, and content promotion on other websites.

In layman’s terms, if you talk about your website’s offerings, it helps search results to better understand what kind of website you have to offer. If a user is writing something on your website, that means they are an influencer promoting the content rather than an individual posting something.

Website Rankings can be improved by off-page SEO, according to a study conducted by Google.

Off-page SEO includes content creation and link-building strategies to create credibility, influence, and popularity online. The best online marketing campaigns rely on constant work in many different areas to see results; any time you can see a difference between your website or competitors with off-page SEO efforts, that’s a success.

Let’s start with understanding different ways to improve your off-page strategy, going from the simplest to more advanced methodologies.

6 Most effective off-page SEO tactics

Let’s get started…

Link Building/ creating high-quality backlinks

Many people identify off-page SEO with link building. In reality, links play an important role in improving website page authority and helping your site rank higher on searches. If you have built strong backlinks, Google will consider it to be a signal of the value of your website pages and ultimately, improve how high your site ranks.

In off-page SEO, a single link from a reputable website is more beneficial than 100 obscure or automated links.

Since SEO is a long process, ranking takes time to build. However, many marketers want to do quality link building that is better aligned with the company or business they want to rank. For example, ones that can lead them towards a high-ranking position in Google.

There are two major types of links that you can use off-page SEO to help boost your website. These include Manual links, which are often worked for, and natural/organic links, which typically don’t require too much work from websites.

Natural links

By integrating your website into their blog, your company is showcased in a moving and lasting way. These links will be seen as trustworthy, secure, and applauding so that the link benefit can last for a long time.

Manual links

Manual links are or can be created with your intent to do marketing, promote or share your website. Manual links either cost nothing, like when you ask a friend for a link or can cost someone money, like when an influencer places a link on their blog.

Brand Mentions

Brand mentions are a great asset as they can lead to higher rankings. It’s important to get your name mentioned on their social media networks and you should use quality content to help with this. The more you get mentioned, the more it will benefit your online notoriety.

You can increase trust in your site by answering questions. Engaging with audiences on social media will not only help you build authority, but it will also create a certain level of familiarity.

The importance of social signals and brand mentions has been understood by Google algorithms, with the recent change to boost links. With this change, proper off-page SEO is able to create new links for your website and improve your ranking on Google.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is an effective way to improve your rankings of off-page SEO by finding broken links and contacting the owner of the website having a broken link and asking them to update links on non-working or 404 pages to target websites.

With dead links on their sites, users are less likely to experience a good user experience and it’s also bad for SEO.

When someone informs them on their site they have broken links or 404, this will help them generate backlinks and boost traffic. Not only will it decrease the number of 404, but also help them in search engine optimization.

Incorporating text editing tactics that can increase your chances of a flawless site will minimize link errors, like broken links. Remember to choose a reliable web host and stay on the lookout for spelling mistakes.

There are various tools available that can help you to check the broken links, like-
● SEMrush
● W3C Link Checker
● Ahrefs
● Sitechecker

Guest posting or blogging

Guest blogging and posting are other effective online marketing techniques. Guest posts will help improve your off-page SEO and reach a bigger audience.

In guest blogging, you need to create content for other websites related to your market or niche in order to get a backlink that will help you advertise.

Guest posting or blogging are great ways to gain exposure, grow your personal brand and attract new visitors to your site. Moreover, this approach also boosts your website’s organic traffic, which can be great for your business.

Benefits of Guest Posting:

● Exposure to targeted traffic back to your website
Get quality backlinks to your website
● Helps in improving your website domain authority
● Improves your social media presence

You can achieve beneficial relationships with your websites through creating engaging content that is compelling enough to draw in readers, which can lead to converting them into long-term leads. With a particular website’s domain authority, you’ll get more traffic when publishing content.

Social Media Engagement

One of the best ways to increase your website’s ranking on a large scale is by using social media for off-page SEO. If you want to promote yourself, increasing your social media brand presence will be very beneficial in the long run.

Social media is a highly underused tool for websites that need to get traffic. If people mention your blog on social media, it counts as a legitimate link, which helps in ranking the page.

Strengthen your presence on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. To do this, use appropriate hashtags and niche-specific content.

Social media outreach is an effective way to improve your blog and website’s SEO. With the use of social media, you can easily create quality content that will attract and engage off-page visitors.

Local Listing

Submitting links to search engine results for local listings can improve your visibility from the search engine. Search engines often rank websites higher in their primary pack if they are deemed relevant locally.

If you are trying to grow your local business, being listed in local directories can increase your promotional reach.

These listings can provide valuable backlinks to your business and help you build an authoritative site with links from high-value web pages.

If you implement this tactic, make sure to provide the same information. This includes providing your phone number, address, and name.

Make sure your website is better represented and visible internationally and nationally. Local SEO can help you achieve this.

The Final Say

If you are still not implementing the above strategy, it’s time to ‘get off your site and improve your off-page SEO. Once you work towards refining your off-page SEO efforts, it will be much easier for you to capture quality leads.

Making your blog posts as good as humans created in minutes and publishing good content you can get credit for today. There are many ways to optimize off-page SEO.

To make sure your strategy is successful, you should be consistent. If you are consistent and patient, your off-page SEO techniques can easily improve and give you the results you want.

Author bio: Sambhav Shah is a founder of Digital Aura and takes great pride in creating digital marketing strategies from mid-market business size to the enterprise. Digital Marketing and SEO is his passion. While not at work he loves to play cricket and spends his time on research and reading digital marketing content.

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