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“If your business isn’t online then it’s out of the industry already” – you must have heard this phrase many times, right! Your answer lies in choosing an ideal digital marketing service provider! The best services are the one that leverages your business vision & leads you to generate more revenue.

AJR InfoTech’s celebrated digital marketing services best fit every business size, ultimately boosting online reputation and rank. We believe that if your target customers aren’t able to find you online then you need a result-oriented online marketing strategy.

Not only building your digital brand is the important but sustainable growth of your business is of the utmost value. The internet moves at a fast pace and once you miss the track, you’ll be no more the talk of the town. Building an online brand is important but DIGITAL MARKETING is the roof of your business.

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Project Introduction
Project Introduction

We’re a team of non-cynics who truly care for our work and for each other.

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Research & Concept

We’re a team of non-cynics who truly care for our work and for each other.

Project Termination
Project Termination

We’re a team of non-cynics who truly care for our work and for each other.

Our Online Marketing Expertise – Think Smart

If you are facing issues of growing online or maintaining the current position, we have got you covered. Our up-to-date skills and know-how of the industry keeps us moving with the market and framing digital marketing strategies, which increases your web traffic and sales.

Our services support both the small & large, wide variety of businesses & fields. We keep you abreast of trends dedicated to developing user experience quality, on your landing pages, driving your conversion rates.

Being the best digital marketing agency banked with broad-experience, we lay a solid online foundation using ground-breaking strategies for your e-commerce store.

Our game plan is simple and now your long-term growth is our sole responsibility. AJR InfoTech is committed to unparalleled & result-driven digital marketing services. Our internet marketing packages include the following services:


Social Media Marketing Services

The common mistake we all make is that we think our businesses need to be present on all the social media platforms. Rather, the digital marketing company focuses on the platforms where your target audience is present that will help your brand to grow online. Planning & setting goals are the first and foremost step after analyzing the channels. We also highlight the type of content people are reading and looking for.

Our team of industry experts study your social media analytics and decides on whether to reach people through social media advertising or organically. Our team of digital marketing experts advises you on the infographics add creatively pleasing posts and create a buzz about your brand to generate leads for your business.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Higher the goodwill, higher is your ROI! We are the leading digital marketing agency in India offering funnel-based services, tailored to your business needs. Our pay per click digital marketing campaign presents the best scenarios that aim to deliver the best results. Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or remarketing, we target to reach high-intent audiences to keep your brand at the forefront of all.

Our digital marketing specialists stay updated with the new technologies and trends in the market, helping you extend beyond the ads. We understand SEO helps you to rank organically (but as it takes more time), PPC is the profitable answer for start-ups and small-scale businesses.


Graphic Design Services

In online marketing strategies, images have proven to be the most successful technique of boosting engagement at present. If you are creative and at the same time your presented graphics & videos connect with audiences, you have won their hearts already.

According to a survey, it is proven that customers who read the information in the form of text remember less per cent of it than the ones who read it using images.

Our innovative and creative internet marketing services team delivers bespoke graphic designing services, compelling your customers to stay hooked on your website for a longer period. We don’t compromise on the quality and use the latest software to create a rich palette of designs.  

Content Marketing Services

Content is the king of the market, but content marketing is its soul! If you try to sell products or services to customers without adding value to it, they would never buy! Add value, add content and apply online marketing strategies to reach your prospective buyers. Make your product and services noticed! Let them speak for themselves!

It is a quick fix for your business that might unknowingly also convert your readers into customers. We are specialized in developing and bringing your content to the market. Digital marketing agencies analyze your prospective audience carefully and undertake personal content marketing strategies like blogging, webinars, online courses, podcasts and more, that suits your business & field.


App Store Optimization Services

AJR InfoTech is a renowned digital marketing service provider which aids you to optimize your application on stores in such a way that increases its reach. We conduct proper keyword research which your audience is looking for. Right from competitor analysis to writing an app description, our team of experts focuses on evaluating the market needs and providing the best solutions to build your app reputation.

We only believe in staying at the top of the game and leave no stone unturned to deliver the best results to our client’s business. Our digital marketing specialists also suggest you measures to improve your application performance which will bag you higher ROI in the contemporary industry. Attractive images and videos in your app add-on to the engagement, increasing the quality of user-experience.

Online Reputation Management

Our digital marketing services help not only start-up brands but existing brands as well to maintain their goodwill in the market they operate. Powerful branding includes award-winning visual search and envisioning inspiration by designing for tomorrow’s goal. Until and unless audiences connect with your brand, you won’t be able to sell them anything. Defining your decisions, our designers’ expertise makes your vision comes to life.

We understand that online reputation aids in removing the negative listing and lets you stay at the top on search engine pages.


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    frequently asked questions

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    about building
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    are you?

    Why hire a Digital Marketing Agency?
    Establishing business nowadays not only offline but also online is of utmost importance. It can be termed as an online brand building! Keep pace with market trends and techniques, digital marketers have complete knowledge of technical aspects to rank you higher on the search engine. Online marketing agencies increase your online visibility by carefully studying & following Google search algorithm.
    Should I do online marketing on my own for my website?
    Yes, one can! Provided they have the in-depth of the field and its tools. Also, marketing your own website with little or no knowledge can result in failure. Learning the technical part is the key! But with growing competition and changing trends, considering your interest part too, hire a digital marketing agency to handle the matters they’re expert in. Once start getting the knowledge and start testing your limits you will see why some services are priced at the level they are!
    How do you tackle the problems in business through digital marketing strategies?
    The first & foremost difficulty that needs to be tackled understands who is your prospective buyers and customers (coined as target audience). After understanding your competitors’ strategies and how are they growing online. A digital marketing service provider list outs all the situations according to your business size & its field. A well-detailed plan after studying the data and its fruitful implementation are what helps to drive success for your website.
    What’s ROI on the investment made in online marketing strategies?
    A digital marketing specialist sets out a profit-driven plan for the allocated budget and acknowledges you with the expected ROI for your website. Receiving a well-justified ROI on your investment is considered as a strong point for your business.
    Are digital marketing services good for B2C or for a B2B business?
    Be it a start-up or a well-established firm, digital marketing is the ultimate solution for your business needs. Though, a digital marketer understands your business requirements and depending on it, tailors the services accordingly. There are different services and tools for B2B or B2C businesses, catering to their needs.
    What are the important social media channels for effective digital presence?
    With many social media platforms have millions of users; it gets difficult to judge which platform to focus on. It varies from business to business and the type of business you are into. Reaching people is must but there’s a difference between the target audience and viewers. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat are some of the promising platforms that aids in increasing business reach positively
    What type of content and graphics help in reaching the target audience?
    Informative content brings traffic to your website but informative content through relevant graphics keeps your audiences engaged and hooked. Digital marketing specialists use tools and methods to analyse what your customers are searching for and use graphics as a part of SEO to get your customers responding.
    What tools do you use to leverage digital marketing campaigns?
    Online presence acts as a powerful marketing tool for your business, online as well as offline. Internet is changing swiftly, with new tools crowding every day; it gets difficult to understand which one is reliable. An online marketing agency uses the best tools which support your business differently. Pay per click, Ads, Content Marketing, Online Courses, Podcasts, Graphics, Videos are some of the prospective campaigns run using tools for leveraging full benefits.
    How do you make most out of the budget allocated for paid search campaigns?
    Spending on Google ads can vary for every firm! You can spend a small amount of money or allocate a large sum of money, depending on your sales goals. A digital marketing agency determines how much, how many times, when and how to spend your allocated budget after analysing the statistics of growth. They determine well-in-advance the expected ROI for your investment.
    How often do you communicate with your clients and how?
    Communication and transparency are what every business should adapt to! As it is the client marketers are working for, the agency stays connected to its clients. Every step to be taken must be communicated to clients first. Providing timely information, suggestions, results and more is what the foremost duty of every marketer. Hiring a digital marketer is a win-win situation. They take step after a careful, well-experienced and in-depth planning!
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