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    These services have helped businesses grow online by tackling their problems. AJR Infotech takes pride in being the doers that drives the change and brings exceptional growth for their clients. Not just any other SEO specialist but a result-oriented extension of your business.

    Your search for SEO services near me ends here at AJR Infotech! Having hands-on experience in SEO, we know all the tips and tricks that are used to improve your ranking and keep you active in long-run.

    Starting the journey as a digital marketer & SEO consultant, we knew clients were always looking for high-end and tailored services for maximum results. AJR Infotech is established to provide clients with custom digital marketing services and SEO campaigns to accelerate their brands’ online presence.

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    Search Engine Optimization services help in increasing the conversion rate of businesses and increasing the revenue by 200%. There are thousands of brands online dealing in the same products and services. If your website is not on the first page, it’s simple they cannot find you and your business is lost.

    That’s when an SEO expert comes into play! SEO is the heart of every business that wants more and become the leading business online as well as offline. With SEO for businesses comes rank, traffic and everything good to help you reach your customers globally. AJR Infotech, an SEO Service agency, identifies your needs and acts as a catalyst by providing the following services:

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    Getting yourself published on someone else’s blog is the new trend to engage visitors. Content is the king, but utilizing it in an appropriate way is of utmost importance. Guest Posting services form an integral part of SEO services to increase brand creditability, attract traffic to your website, and boost the domain authority. In the guest posting, we search for websites in the same industry, create a blog on your brand’s name and let your business speak for itself and generate high-quality links. Guest Posting Services are still relevant and a way to boom the website traffic!


    Every business aims to target audience locally before going global, right! Local SEO services in India help small owners to big companies boost up their online reputation in manifold ways. We use local SEO strategies & tips to optimize your brand’s individual web pages after thorough research of your business niche. It helps in enabling higher conversion by hiking your visibility. Reach us and harness the power of SEO through our pocket-friendly local SEO packages.


    You may have heard everyone claim to create mobile-friendly websites to deliver the hassle-free user experience. What after you have had a mobile & desktop friendly website? SEO for ecommerce supports in on-page, and off-page optimization that lets you derive real value from your brand online.

    AJR Infotech is the best ecommerce SEO company that strives to propel clients to new heights. We believe that site usability is crucial and take it as our responsibility to make your site visitors satisfied & happy.


    Being more than a decade as an SEO consultant, we understand that multinational companies have distinct SEO requirements. Our unmatchable international SEO strategies your site the respective country and its people.

    Get started with international SEO for your ecommerce store today and gain potential worldwide customers. International SEO services help in improving the quality of search results so that your website engages specific and promising customers.


    Are you struggling to promote your YouTube channels at the right place? YouTube SEO tools offer your company access to a massive audience and earn more views, likes, comments, shares, etc. YouTube target keywords are an integral part of that will help you climb that ladder of search engine ranking. Our work includes optimizing your video titles, tags, descriptions to help your audience hear you, connect with you, and rise above the competition. So, what are you waiting for make a video and let’s step into a big revolution together!


    Avoid the loss of web traffic even for one day through our Google penalty removal services. We fix issues seamlessly by navigating the complex possible scenarios that could land you into a decreasing conversion rate. You can always count on us for quality services to boost your online reputation. There are a wide range of crucial factors that can suddenly drop your online presence. Elements like hidden text, link to a low-quality site, keyword stuffing, and more can knock you off within minutes. From significant to little ones that are missed out sometimes, AJR Infotech has got you covered for single spam to save you from Google penalties.


    Link building is accessible, but wondering how to do link building for effective SEO? These are anchor links or external links that send a message to Google that your site is a quality source and worthy of citations. Moreover, generating a good number of backlinks tend to earn you higher earnings, improve your creditability, and develop audiences’ trust in your business. Link Building helps users crawl between different pages on the internet and avoid the problem of duplicate content – Hitting multiple targets at a time. Link Building is a successful SEO tactic that rewards you for maintaining uniqueness with added value. Give a boost to your backlinks profile with us!


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q1. What is the on-page & off-page SEO?

      You may have heard different opinions and techniques from other people about SEO tools and techniques. It is bound to happen as people use various tools to rank themselves or their clients better. For this, on-page SEO techniques are used to optimize the website and control the digital marketer. Whereas, the off-page technique involves focusing on creating content and earning backlinks from other websites. This increases the authority of the website domain. 

      Q2. Is SEO essential & functional for every business?

      Be it baking cakes or running a wholesale business, SEO is significant for every business because everyone is online & if your brand is not, you are out of the industry. At present, SEO is known as the synonym for VISIBILITY. Without proper optimization and engaging content, you will become invisible in the digital marketplace and hence offline too!

      Q3. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

      SEO is an organic strategy, whereas SEM is a paid strategy! Both deal with digital marketing outreach; however, when to implement it depends on its industry. These techniques have a different impact on your online reputation. They both can’t be ignored when it comes to successful digital marketing strategies. Digital Marketers stay continually updated with changing markets and decide which ones beneficial for you. 

      Q4. Will SEO still be unavoidable after one year?

      SEO is a long-term strategy! Many techniques came and quickly became outdated, but SEO can never become obsolete; instead, upgrade at every phase. The digital market evolves at a breakneck pace, so does the SSEO tactics, which need to be best followed on the continuous basis. SEO plans filter and targets your potential audience, who are likely to get converted into your businesses customers and outrun your competitors. 

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